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The Vernon Sleep Clinic is a publically funded, private sleep lab established in 2018 by Dr. Ron Cridland. We provide comprehensive sleep disorder diagnostic and treatment services and are prepared to manage all of the 32 different sleep disorders. We have a particular interest in the non- pharmacological management of Insomnia. All the doctor visits and sleep studies are covered under the Medical Services Plan of BC. Patients must be referred by a physician. In addition, through a subsidiary company,Good Sleep Health Inc, we also carry CPAP and a variety of other treatment options for Obstructive.

Our medical director, Ron Cridland MD is board certified with the American Board of Sleep Medicine (as there is no Canadian equivalent). We are accredited with College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. All the physician visits and sleep studies are covered under the provincial Medical Services Plan.

In everything we do from how we greet you on the phone, to how we coordinate your visits to make the most of your time, to providing options for treatment, we are patient focused.

To review a sleep study with a Physician, watch the video below.

You may also want to check out our lab.

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